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Dear colleagues,
I am glad to invite you to the regional workshop on
Application of Risk Assessment in the South East Europe in
November in Belgrade.
After numerous difficulties concerning the budget, we are now
able to provide for an expert engagement, the informative
documentation, booklet, hotel accommodation in the city
centre, lunch and opening and closing dinners during your
stay. However, we will not be able to cover your travel expenses.
There were proposals to organise the workshop in Sarajevo,
Bosnia but we could not set the term among hosts and
organisers due to tight schedules of both sides. Hence, the
workshop will be held in Belgrade, Serbia - in the Central
Institute for Conservation. The workshop will last for five
days within the period between the 5th and 14th November
2009. We will fix the dates after each of you confirm that
you are available for this period.
So, please let me know soon if you can come to the workshop
and, if not, recommend someone from a museum in your country
who would be interested to participate. Please find attached
the info on the workshop in case you will need to forward it
to someone.
As soon as we receive all the replies, we will set the exact
dates, continue with organisation and will keep you informed
on the details.
We apologise for the delay of the workshop planned for April
2009. The difficult period is behind us and we are looking
forward to welcome you in Belgrade.
Yours sincerely,
Dr Mila Popovic Zivancevic
Chair of ICOM SEE Regional Alliance
Director of the Central Institute for Conservation in
BelgradeDetalii in legatura cu acest colocviu se pot obtine
de la dna Mila Popovic Zivancevic ([email protected])